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The laser units are compact, class 1 eye safe, rugged, laser distance range finders which can be incorporated to function as an altimeter.

Using time-of-flight technology, it measures the time taken for a very short pulse of infrared laser light to travel to a surface (ground or tree tops) and back. The distance to the target is calculated from the time taken to make the round trip.

These altimeters can be provided as an OEM module or combined with a visual cockpit display to form a fully functioning end user system. The module has a typical range of up to 150m (500ft) and can be configured to output range or make speed calculations such as rate of descent. We have many versions of our laser modules and so we work with our OEM partners to provide unique solutions to their individual applications.

In this application we are using the altimeter as a guide for optimum crop spraying height, as well as forest and field management. The display in the cockpit allows the user to set the offset height for their aircraft (for example if the laser is mounted in the wing). Then the optimum height is programmed into the unit and a tolerance set. The display gives you the current aircraft height as well as an indication if you are above or below your "ideal" spraying zone.

Other applications include:

  • Terrain Profiling
  • Sensor for Automatic Landing Systems
  • Rate of decent monitor to reduce hard landings
  • Height change indicator for helicopters landing on moving vessels.


For technical information and installation instructions, download our manual here.



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